Collaborative virtual design

Tecnologia & Design supports the most innovative manufacturing companies in the various phases of product development, from the concept to the aesthetic and functional prototype and through the design and engineering phases of new products. A true design department at the service of our customers, with highly skilled technicians expert in innovative design.


 is the world leading solution for product design and experience, the one most commonly used by the most important organisations in various sectors to develop the products we see and use in our daily life.

CATIA design supports companies in their product design, engineering and testing; any product can go through the entire development cycle while remaining always in the same original environment, using different modules for each design step.

CATIA design takes place in a completely parametric environment, where every shape and dimension is parametrised, so as to make it possible to make any change whatsoever at any time, to update the model without having to draw it anew. This is the strong point of  CATIA V5, as it makes it possible to reduce drastically the product development times, especially with regard to the phase coming after the first modelling, where the product is changed to make it pre-eminent and as complete and attractive as possible.
From mechanical design to the more adventurous free shape design, CATIA V5 can be used in all sectors, as it allows full control of all technical and aesthetic functions, and thus of the entire project.