Tecnologia & Design, one of the most advanced digital factories in Italy, is becoming a world-class technology park, reference point for southern Europe with its Global Manufacturing Network.

Designing a piece of machinery in USA and printing it in Treviso, closer to the production site where it is urgently needed. Or, requiring small series production for Austria directly from Japan, but doing it in Italy without bearing the weight of high costs and transfer time via container. Today, there are technologies that allow for these types of operations, but obviously they require state-of-the-art machinery and software and staff able to communicate with a partner on the other side of the world.


Tecnologia & Design brings all these characteristics together. This is why it has been chosen by Stratasys® as part of its Global Manufacturing Network (GMN), a network of top-class technology centres promoted by Stratasys® Direct Manufacturing, reference brand in the three-dimensional printing sector. There are only 15 technology parks in the world, 6 of which are in Europe. GMN manages requests based on location, type of machines available and urgency, all for maximum efficiency: the requests can be for urgent spare parts or types of pieces that require machinery of which there are only a few models in Europe.


Tecnologia & Design, with offices in the province of Treviso, is one of the most important Italian digital factories: it has 30 years’ experience in 3D printing and works with all the technologies and materials necessary for additive printing thanks to highly qualified staff able to properly handle the processes. Stratasys has strengthened T&D’s production capacity even further by supplying it with next-generation machinery. T&D’s strategic position is also important; it is the ideal point of reference for southern and eastern Europe.


“Our work – as explained by Andrea Pagnossin, CEO of T&D – varies on the basis of the company. Some have clear-cut ideas on materials and printing time; with others, we co-design to understand which is the best instrument for the job based on the final goal. We work with million-dollar companies like PMI, which does not have an in-house R&D Department, and therefore turns to us for its prototypes. Sometimes, we even get individual inventors who have dreamed about a product and want someone to help them bring it to life.”


Tecnologia & Design opened its new offices a few months ago and it has already obtained ISO 9001-2015 certification which evaluates both product quality and the production process characterized by efficiency, decrease in waste and confidentiality.


Tecnologia & Design is part of THE3DGROUP, a group founded by an engineer from Treviso, Roberto Rizzo. It is composed of 10 companies that cover every 3D production stage, from concept to printing, to reverse engineering. Rizzo explained the importance of this goal: “Being chosen by Stratasys for its Global Manufacturing Network is a source of pride. The production process of the 4.0 Industry has no boundaries, but is able to be efficient because of its ability to integrate. This is what we have been doing with the companies of the Group for over fifteen years; this collaboration entails the opportunity to grow because it inspires the international-brand businesses of our territory.”