Tecnologia & Design a synthesis of innovation

Tecnologia & Design is a company of the THE3DGROUP group, which comprises a pool of complementary enterprises that support CAD/CAM/PLM/FEM innovation and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING technology in the design and production departments of state of the art Italian manufacturers.

TECNOLOGIA & DESIGN is committed to the dissemination of Technological Innovation through the development of  Research and Experimentation Projects, in collaboration with national and international University Departments, Research Centres and Science Parks.

Our research of new methodologies and experimentation of innovative technologies and materials, such as composite nanomaterials for the creation of new products, are aimed at the Rapid Prototyping, Tooling and Manufacturing (Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing) and reverse engineering fields.

TECNOLOGIA & DESIGN is a research organisation pursuant to Community law for state aid for research and development and innovation (n.2006/C 323/01), accredited pursuant  to Veneto Regional Law n. 36/1995.