A philosophy based on high quality service and expert advice

Tecnologia & Design is a company of the THE3DGROUP group, which comprises a pool of complementary enterprises that support CAD/CAM/PLM/FEM innovation and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING technology in the design and production departments of state of the art Italian manufacturers.

The group’s strong points

THE3DGROUP offers and supports the digital supply chain, accompanying manufacturers on the most efficient path towards turning ideas into products to be marketed.

Tecnologia & Design Scarl for rapid prototyping & manufacturing
SolidWorld Srl for the SolidWorks products line
Design Systems Srl for the Dassault Systèmes Catia products line
Energy Group Srl for the Stratasys products line
Solid Energy Srl for reverse engineering and quality control
SolidCAM Italia Srl SolidCAM’s Italian distributor


Integration synergies

We do not provide only design tools: THE3DGROUP is the only concern in the Italian CAD – CAM – ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING sector that offer all the digital technologies available today, from product concept to pre-production, including a study of aesthetics, design and co-design, prototype making, product engineering, pre-production, and customised construction in small batches, using both traditional CNC mechanical processes and industrial 3D printing.

Experience and skill

The philosophy of THE3DGROUP is based on high service quality, experienced consultancy from the start, user training and updating of the innovative technologies offered.

THE3DGROUP has a portfolio of thousands of customers and has a capillary presence in Italy’s main industrial districts, in the canton of Ticino, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.