A Because our approach to contemporary design passes through advanced technology

Tecnologia & Design is a company of the THE3DGROUP , which comprises a pool of complementary enterprises that support CAD/CAM/PLM/FEM innovation and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING technology in the design and production departments of state of the art Italian manufacturers.

Looking at 3D technology

Tecnologia & Design was incorporated to promote the knowledge and use of innovative technologies in the design and engineering phases of new products, with particular regard to Additive Production with 3D printers applications.

At the core of the industrial sector

Tecnologia & Design has its headquarters in Montebelluna, in the northern part of the Treviso province, in the heart of the one of the most important industrial hubs in the Italian North-East and in Italy, and is a recognised world leader in the production of footwear and sports equipment. In its area of operation the Eyewear, Household Appliances, Automotive and Furniture sectors are also quite active. TECNOLOGIA & DESIGN operates in both the national and international markets, with customers also in Central and eastern Europe.

Training goal

This part of Italy is characterised by a high concentration of SMEs, for which the ability to apply “Technological Innovation” and the “Technical Training” of their human resources are strategic assets; Tecnologia & Design can provide these assets with skill, professionalism and a high qualitative level.

What people say about us

Tecnologia & design has a portfolio of over 3000 customers and is present in all the main Italian industrial districts.